What Thine Fur
The twenty-eighth to thirtieth of July, Two-Thousand and Seventeen
Vendor Registration Status


Q: How do I register for the Artist Alley?
A: You must register in the dealers room with the person at the WTFur table. I will be a dealer, but I'll be seated right at the front of the room so I'll be able to help. One must absolutely be registered with the dealers room to have an Artist Alley spot because the billing goes through the dealers cashier. We take registrations on the day before for the following day (Thursday evening for Friday, Friday all day for Saturday, and Saturday for Sunday); if any spots are left before Dealers is open in the morning (between 9 AM and 10 AM) and registrations are made during that hour, they can be handed out that same day.

Q: Can I do it in advance?
A: Unfortunately, no. If you want a reserved spot, you would be better off to register for a table in the dealers room.

Q: Is it first come, first served?
A: It's more of a lottery, although we give priority to the people who haven't yet had a spot during the weekend. For example, an artist who gets an Alley spot on Friday and wishes to draw again on Saturday will be placed after the applications of those who did not draw on Friday.

Q: Once registered, how does it work?
A: The artist shows up in the hour before the dealers room opens. A bill pad is handed to the artist. The artist fills out the invoice, hands two copies to the client who comes to the dealers cashier and pays the invoice. One of the copies is stamped and returned to the client, who must then hand it to the artist who can at that point give the client their merchandise or start to draw for them. At the end of the work day, the artist goes to the Dealers cashier to receive their profits. The table is free, but WTFur takes 5% of sales.

Q: Are we allowed an assistant?
A: Technically, no. An artist can ask a friend to keep an eye on their things while they take a short break or answer nature's call, but no one should be sitting behind the table with the artist. It's a question of comfort and safety, since the space in the artist alley is only a half-table.  

Q: What's the policy regarding NSFW artwork in Artist Alley?
A: The policy is that WTFur must present a public appearance similar to a PG-13 rating. Like in many other conventions, the adult art must be kept in a binder behind the desk or table, and only presented when requested by an adult client. The reason the binder needs to remain behind the table is so that the artist retains control of who sees the portfolio. If it's left on the table, anyone (including minors) can take it while the artist is busy with a client or drawing.

As for the actual drawing of adult artwork, I know it's not always easy to hide what you're doing. I will thus ask sellers to be as discreet as you can; the hotel has an antechamber to the Dealers room, and I will be placing the artist alley in there, which gives you a nice spot right on the way to Dealers and offers a bit more discretion.  
Any other questions?
Contact Karine at dealers@whatthefur.ca

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