What Thine Fur
The twenty-eighth to thirtieth of July, Two-Thousand and Seventeen
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  Art Show

The Art Show is for display of original art and Single edition prints of work.  The art displayed does not have to be on sale, but it is encouraged. This is open to all attendees of the convention to participate in and view.

  • Each artist is allowed to have up to two 5’x4’ panels to display their work. If you do 3D work, you are allowed one 2.5’x6’ table for display. Each panel and table is $20. Email artshow@whatthefur.ca to purchase your space.
  • All the art presented by the artist must be their own original art. Plagiarism, blatant copies and copyright infringement will result in the entire collection of the artist being expelled from the art show. If the art presents a character belonging to someone else, their copyright must be indicated on the art along with the signature of the artist (as in, ‘Mickey Mouse © Disney’).
  • Payment is expected before July 7th in order for the space to be reserved.
  • Artist Information, Control sheets and Bid sheets (see below for Auction Rules) are best filled out and emailed to artshow@whatthefur.ca before July 15 to speed up setting up process. If you cannot email the filled sheets, please still download, print and fill out the sheets before arriving at the convention or physically mail in at least the Artist Information sheet before July 7th to reserve your spot. The address is on the Artist Information sheet.
  • If any space remains on Friday, you may purchase it directly from the Dealer Room table at the cost of $20 per space, not exceeding the above-listed limits.
  • All art is to remain PG-13 as the art show space is not in an enclosed area.
  • All art must arrive at the show ready to exhibit, framed or matted. We do not offer a framing service. We will supply you with pegboard hooks and bulldog clips.
  • Mail-in art is accepted but must be arranged before July 1st. Email artshow@whatthefur.ca for details.
  • Any unsold art pieces are to be picked up by Sunday during Art Show tear down. Come to the Dealer Room table to verify your Art control sheet and receive payment for your sold art.  If you do not pick up your art at the end of the convention, you will be contacted in the following weeks and billed for the return of your artwork.
  • Silent Auction:
    There will be a silent auction running all day Friday and Saturday (during Dealer Room hours, of course) on the art. Bidding closes when a piece gets 4 bids, and said piece will go for live auction on Sunday.

  • Buy It Now:
    At the choice of the artist, a piece can have a Buy It Now price, which is only valid on Friday and Saturday on pieces that do not have any bids. As soon as a bid is placed, the piece is now in the silent auction.

  • Sunday Sale:
    There is also a Sunday Sale Price option. At the artist’s discretion, any piece that has no bids on Sunday will be labeled with a special Sunday price. Any piece not up for Sunday sale will be removed from the panels.

  • Live Auction:
    The Auction for the art that has 4 bids will happen during the Charity auction on Sunday.

  • Commission:
    What the Fur retains a 10% commission on the final price of all art sold. This is standard operating procedure in conventions.
Rules for Visitors and Bidders
  • All bidders must have a valid membership to bid on the art.
  • No recording or photos of the art show is allowed.
  • Please do not touch the art.
  • To bid, you simply need to put down your badge name and badge number on the bid sheet, along with the price you are willing to pay. There is a starting bid amount on the bid sheet.
  • If a piece you want already has a bid, you may write your name and badge number underneath and increase the bid.
  • Once a piece has four (4) bids, you can no longer bid on it. It will go to the live auction on Sunday. You must be present to defend your bid. If you are not, other people may bid over you and win the piece. If no bids are offered during the live auction, the piece is sold at the highest recorded bid on the sheet.
  • You may choose to short circuit the bidding system by paying the “Buy It Now” price for the piece. In order to do that, the piece must have no bids on it. You take the bidding sheet off the board and go directly to the Dealer Room table at the front of the room, and pay right away for the piece. We will mark the piece as sold, and you can pick it up any time on Sunday during Dealer room hours.
  • Every piece that has 1 to 3 bids will be marked as sold at the highest bid at closing on Saturday.
  • You can pick up your purchased art at the Dealer Room table any time during opening hours on Sunday.
  • The Sunday Sale is a special price the artist may choose to put on their art. On Sunday, every piece that has no bids and is up for Sunday Sale will be labeled. Take the bid sheet to the Dealer Room table, pay for the piece, and then you can pick it up from the Art Show panel.
  • Remember that a bid is a legal obligation to buy the art at that price. Do not bid more than you can pay for, and be prepared to be the winning bidder on all of the pieces you bid for. Bidders who do not show up on Sunday to pick up their purchases will be contacted by the convention. Those who refuse to honour their agreement may be banned from What The Fur in the future.
  • Payment may be made in cash, money order, Interac, or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). You must pick up and pay for your own purchases and bring proof of ID. What The Fur will file criminal fraud charges if you try to pass a bad cheque.
  • Purchase of the art does not entitle you to copyrights. The artist still retains all copyrights on the art and you cannot reproduce the art without clear consent from the artist.

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