What Thine Fur
The twenty-eighth to thirtieth of July, Two-Thousand and Seventeen
Scribes and minstrels have worked tirelessly to scour the kindoms to find one worthy of being granted the title of Guest of Honour. Once this task was completed, the work could be done to prepare for a celebration in their honour.

One was discovered in the far away land of the United States of the Americas.

May we present: ECMajor.

ECMajor first discovered furry art as a teen at the turn of the century and quickly came to be fascinated by it. This discovery coincided with his own budding interest in making art a serious hobby and a possible career in the future, which catalyzed his desire to contribute to the furry fandom. He is self-taught and over the past decade and a half has evolved his own unique style, creating an iconic blend of traditional media (primarily graphite) and digital colorization to achieve a design-oriented style that is instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with it.

He lives approximately 250km south of the border in rural New Hampshire and in addition to a passion for creating art, ECMajor also takes pleasure in other nerdy things such as pizza, Magic: the Gathering, and casual World of Warcraft.

He also enjoys long, contemplative walks on the beach, but hasn't visited the sea often enough lately. Tsk.

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