What Thine Fur
The twenty-eighth to thirtieth of July, Two-Thousand and Seventeen

Masquerade rules and information

Overview: To express your intent to participate in the What the Fur Masquerade, please email us stating your name, email address, character name and a description of what you will be performing. Please be sure to read the FAQ below as well as the rules. Creativity and originality is encouraged.


The What the fur Masquerade is an event designed to provide amateur and professional of performing visual artists in the furry community a showcase in which to demonstrate creative performance and presentation skills. The Masquerade is the prime location to express yourself through these particular talents by providing entertainment for the What the fur attendees.
Can I perform in the Masquerade without a costume?

Participants in the Masquerade are not required to have a costume to perform.

I don't have a performance/presentation to do, can I still be in the Masquerade?
The rules for having a performance/presentation to do are extremely lenient. We would like to avoid seeing performers arriving on stage, doing nothing at all, and leaving the stage. This is not very entertaining for the audience. There are many Photo Opportunities available outside the Masquerade for those who wish to show off their costumes but do not wish to perform.
Will there be a rehearsal?
There is a MANDATORY rehearsal for all Masquerade participants before the event. The time and location will be announced as the convention draws closer, but it is usually scheduled for the morning of the Masquerade. During the rehearsal, each participant must provide a description and, preferably, a demonstration of their performance or presentation. This is to review acts for content, verify that there is an act to be performed, arrange the performances in an intelligent progression, and as a practice run for the costumers.

This rehearsal will be closed to the convention attendees, so costumers need not worry about surprise costumes or acts being spoiled. If a participant cannot participate in the rehearsal for whatever reason, they must notify the event Director in advance. A performance that is not reviewed before the Masquerade will not be allowed to participate. Presentations must be provided in a format presentable by the technical staff.
What is the Masquerade rated?
The Masquerade must be restricted to PG in nature. Performances above that rating are only allowed upon approval from the event Director. Simulation or physical suggestion of sexual acts, extreme violence, and/or deviation from the performance rehearsed in order to breach the event's rating is not permitted. Participants may only interact with the audience during the Masquerade with prior permission and review by the event Director. Security may remove any costumer who oversteps these boundaries during their act. If you are not sure, ask the event Director. There is no harm in asking, we try to be very lenient.
Will there be people to assist me during the Masquerade?
All costumers are requested to have at least one "handler" at all times during the Masquerade, including the setup. A "spot" is a person who helps guide, protect, and assist the costumer to avoid injury or damage. The Masquerade will also have volunteers who will be able to provide additional help if necessary.
How will the Masquerade progress?
All participants need to arrive one hour before the Masquerade to prepare and organize music, placement, and to get an adequate knowledge of the area they will be performing in. Any costumer who has not participated in a rehearsal may not participate in the Masquerade. There will be a playlist for the event, during which the costumers will remain backstage in the order they will perform in. The costumers should be aware of which performer they are before, after, and when they are on. Once the costumer's performance is completed, the costumer will return to a holding room backstage where they may rest and recuperate. After the Masquerade, the costumers will exit to the main event area.
Who is the MC for the Masquerade?
The Masquerade will be hosted by resident rainbow lemur Yalah. She will be able to read pre-prepared narration or notes during any performance which can be arranged ahead of time during the rehearsal.
What amenities will be available for the Masquerade?
There will be cold water, straws, and fans available. Flash photography will be permitted during the Masquerade. If any other items are needed, please let the event Director know.


  • All content must be rated G or PG. PG-13 acts are strongly discouraged and subject to director review. R-rated acts are not allowed. Performances may not include excessive violence or sexual situations inappropriate for a general audience.
  • All performances in the Masquerade range from 3-5 minutes in length.
  • Special requests: For special needs, please contact us to discuss.
  • Due to licensing laws, visual presentations cannot include licensed music unless the participant either can prove they have obtained a synchronization license directly from the publisher, are using music that they themselves recorded, or are using public domain material (published prior to 1922
  • Audio and Visual media should follow these requirements:
      • CD Audio: One track CDs are preferred
      • PC Audio: MP3/WAV
      • Video: DVD, No VHS
      • PC Video: QT, WMV, divx, xvid
  • Media: For PC files please use CDs as much as possible. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to open flash drives. Please avoid DVD-Roms for anything other than DVD-Video.
  • All audio must be presented on a standard audio CD, playable on a standard CD player. If possible, please burn your audio onto a blank CD as a single track.
  • All participants must attend a MANDATORY closed rehearsal where performances will be practiced, reviewed, and organized, and visual media will be previewed. Any participant unable to attend and participate in the rehearsal must notify the event director beforehand and an alternate rehearsal may be provided for that person if available. If a costumer does not attend the rehearsal and does not provide notification, we cannot allow that costumer to take part in the Masquerade.
  • Each performer will be permitted one act featuring themselves or a specific group. Second acts featuring the same performer or a similar large group are only allowed with permission.
  • Any performance that deviates from the prior rehearsal to circumvent the rules without permission from the Director risks removal from the performance. The show is a performance of creativity and ingenuity. If you aren't sure, don't do it without Director approval.
  • All participants in the rehearsal must rehearse using the costumes and accessories that they will be wearing and utilizing during the Masquerade itself.
  • All casting in each performance must be finalized by the rehearsal.
  • Costumers are encouraged to have a "handler" backstage to provide them assistance with their performance and activity. This is to prevent the event staff from being overwhelmed with providing support for any number of costumers who are not able to manage alone.
  • All those participating in the performance must arrive 30 minutes before the event is set to begin. This is to provide advance time to work out last minute bugs and other unexpected complications as well as a final review to provide a flawless show.
  • If a performer is not present thirty minutes before the Masquerade, their performance may be cut from the show.
  • No liquids, particles, foam or otherwise messy props may be used in a performance.
  • Items cannot be thrown into the audience (again, for safety purposes).
  • Please do not submit the only recording of original media; What the Fur cannot be responsible for its safety or return. Use copies instead.
  • The Masquerade Director reserves the right to refuse a performance or act for any reason. If you have any concern about the appropriateness of your act or your costume, ask.

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