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The twenty-eighth to thirtieth of July, Two-Thousand and Seventeen
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posted by Bradley on 25.07.17 22:29

Good day, everyone!

I hope you're all ready for the weekend! And because it's coming up, I just wanted to make a couple of housekeeping announcements to make sure everyone is on the same page.

1) Remember that there is no fursuiting allowed in the hotel's restaurant or pool areas. The hallway running from the main lobby to the parking lot is fine, but please do not wear your suits into the restaurant.

2) Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted in any convention space. This includes all programming rooms, Dealers, the Zoo, the gaming lounge in the basement, and the dances. We ask that if you do get a beverage at the hotel's bar that you consume it there. there are plenty of tables available (and the chairs are really comfy).
3) No outside food or drink in the con space. So if you went to the Subway or the Tim Horton's, ...


posted by Bradley on 15.07.17 20:07

Several people have contacted us lately in regards to the big giant picture being made about What The Fur. 
The question is usually something akin to "Why isn't <insert name here> in the picture?"
I would just like to state for the record that the picture, though being crafted by an artist who is a member of the WTFur staff, is not a convention-sponsored item.
The picture is a private comission, where the artist was comissioned to draw certain people's characters, and the remainder of the spots in the picture were to be auctioned off. 
No one was purposely "left out" of the image, and What The Fur would not ever want to impose rules on a private comission (beyond how the image of our mascot - Bradley - is drawn.
We hope that this clears a few things up!

posted by Bradley on 11.07.17 16:37

As furries, most of us love fursuits. To hug them, to scritch them, to interact with them… And, of course, to capture their souls in our magic boxes - errr I mean, take photos of them. It allows us to not only keep memories, but share moments with the fandom that everyone else would normally never be aware of.

Obviously, meets are a great place not just to wear and see fursuits, but to take pictures of them. And, depending on the time of day, taking pictures of them can be fairly easy. The natural light being a natural boon to any photographer.

But what about conventions? Arguably the best place to find fursuiters (let’s face it: the ratio is much higher at conventions) being a convention, you’ll likely have to face different realities and challenges from the outdoor.

Here are a few "soft rules” (no convention that I know of have them ...


posted by Bradley on 05.07.17 15:03

Here is everything you didn't know you wanted to know about our fabulous garage sale! 
  • The Garage Sale is a table manned by What The Fur staff where we sell your items. We charge 10% (minimum of $0.50 per item) if the item is sold. If the item doesn't sell, you get it back when you check-out and we charge nothing.
  • Each person can sell up to 50 items, and is expected to submit their list of items by email before the Tuesday of the week of the convention. We ask that all items to be sold be in good working order and clean.
  • Space is limited, so send in your forms early! If we can no longer accept clients we will announce it
  • Note: You must be registered to sell items at the Garage Sale.
Procedure for the dropping off of goods


posted by Bradley on 01.07.17 16:16

Happy Canada Day!

We here at What Thine Fur have a few things that we must make you, our esteemed guests, aware of.

End of Pre-Registration
Firstly, on July 7th our Pre-Registration will come to an end. This means that Patron and Philanthropist levels of membership will no longer be available, and nor will entry into Bradley’s Epicurean Gastronomical Extravaganza. Prices for Regular and Sponsor levels will increase to at-door rates. So if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time!

Complete your registration
Secondly, we noted that some people began their registration processes, but never actually finished registering for the convention. So, if you registered from the website and did NOT receive a PayPal invoice, please contact us at registration@whatthefur.ca as soon as possible, and we will help you in the next steps.
Volunteer? Security? Help out!
Thirdly, both our Security team and Volunteer team are looking for a few good folks to join up! If ...







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