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Here is everything you didn't know you wanted to know about our fabulous garage sale! 
  • The Garage Sale is a table manned by What The Fur staff where we sell your items. We charge 10% (minimum of $0.50 per item) if the item is sold. If the item doesn't sell, you get it back when you check-out and we charge nothing.
  • Each person can sell up to 50 items, and is expected to submit their list of items by email before the Tuesday of the week of the convention. We ask that all items to be sold be in good working order and clean.
  • Space is limited, so send in your forms early! If we can no longer accept clients we will announce it
  • Note: You must be registered to sell items at the Garage Sale.
Procedure for the dropping off of goods
  • Read & agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Fill out the Garage Sale inventory form electronically. If you can't get the form to work – send us your list of items and prices by email. We will only accept a maximum of 50 items from each registered attendee.
  • Email garagesale@whatthefur.ca your inventory form and your preferred drop off times. We have to get the email of your inventory BEFORE you can drop your stuff off.
  • You will receive a confirmation email and an appointment will be set for the drop-off.
  • Come to the convention and get your badge.
  • Come to your drop-off appointment. We'll go through the inventory you want to sell and confirm it's all there. Each item must be listed in your inventory form and each item must also have a set price.
  • Go enjoy the convention. We'll handle it from here.

Remember to return at your check-out appointment time to collect the items that have not sold and your money.

Items and/or funds not collected before the closing of the Dealer's Room on the last day of the convention (Sunday) will be considered a donation to What The Fur. If you can't make it in time - you must come to the table before 5:00pm -- send a message with a friend or flag down a volunteer for help!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT EMAIL US DURING THE CONVENTION! We do not have regular email access once the convention starts.

We try to take care of your goods as if they were our own. Still, accidents can happen and we will not be held responsible for any losses.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell any item for any reason.

All sales are final.

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