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The twenty-eighth to thirtieth of July, Two-Thousand and Seventeen
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With the year 2017 quickly approaching, we at What Thine Fur would like to cordially invite you to celebrate with us! Over the past seven years, members of the kingdom of furry have converged upon the island of the Royal Mountain to celebrate, to enjoy the festivities and to encounter new people. This coming year will be only slightly different.
We would first like to announce that our court has managed to secure the appearance of an artist of distinction and of skill. This artist, who hails from the far away land known as "These United states of the Americas” – such an odd land to be sure – is known far and wide amongst those who share in the love of artwork. He keeps his artistry visible in such places as the Affinity of Fur, on the Art of Deviants, on Tumblr (what a strange name), and various other locales. Without further delay, we announce that our esteemed Guest of Honour for the year two-thousand and Seventeen is one E. C. Major.
ECMajor first discovered furry art as a teen at the turn of the century and quickly came to be fascinated by it. This discovery coincided with his own budding interest in making art a serious hobby and a possible career in the future, which catalyzed his desire to contribute to the furry fandom. He is self-taught and over the past decade and a half has evolved his own unique style, creating an iconic blend of traditional media (primarily graphite) and digital colorization to achieve a design-oriented style that is instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with it. He lives approximately 250km south of the border in rural New Hampshire and in addition to a passion for creating art, ECMajor also takes pleasure in other nerdy things such as pizza, Magic: the Gathering, and casual World of Warcraft. He also enjoys long, contemplative walks on the beach, but hasn't visited the sea often enough lately.

In the year 2017, we shall be returning to our home at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire. Keeping in mind, of course, that our dates have changes from previous years. The dates of the convention are now the 28th to the 30th of July. And as we have this wonderful information available, we cannot keep it from you any longer.

Registration is now open on our website, available as a quick shortcut to http://register.whatthefur.ca. Our scribes are working hard to get the full system working, but in the meantime, you can use the temporary system to register. They have, however, managed to provide all of the relevant information on that page regarding the costs.

Also, your temporary residence (hotel) reservations can now be made! Simply go to http://hotel.whatthefur.ca for information and follow the links. If you are calling the hotel to reserve, please use the code AWF. This year, our room rates have lowered to an amazing $119/night for the standard 4 person rooms (no additional person fees!), and the suites are $149/night (plus $10/person over 2). All prices are without taxes. And as always at this hotel, Parking is free!
In closing, we would just like to thank you for the support shown over the years, and we are eager to see you at this year’s convention. We have a lot of stuff in store, and can barely wait to share it with all of you!
Cordially yours,

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